September 29th, Woods Hole, Massachusetts USA

Discover and explore an array of natural habitats in and around the village of Woods Hole while providing opportunities for those with technical skills to participate in the capture, processing and presentation of data.

The bioblitz is now closed, soon we will link here to the visualization on gathered data. Thanks to all participants

This is not a traditional bioblitz

The event is not intended to cover the strict scope of a formal bioblitz, which generally consists of a 24-hour intensive inventory of a rather tightly constrained location.

Instead, this event will combine casual, guided field trips within the Woods Hole village and some select locations in the area, with a support facility at the TDWG venue for identification, imaging, and computer support.

TDWG participants have a chance to attend both Bioblitz-related activities as well as other side events that may be scheduled on Wednesday, 29 September.

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The goals

  • Enable observational data to be captured in a manner to develop and promote standards for recording data about organisms.
  • Provide an opportunity to demonstrate these standards in action and evaluate their potential for uptake and use in a real world event.
  • Provide technically-oriented meeting participants the opportunity to showcase their technical skills and software solutions by supporting the event.
  • Serve as a testbed for experiments in social and semantic computing for citizen science.

How to contribute

There are many tools that surely will improve your productivity in the Techno/Bioblitz. Feel free to download and use it!

Developer information

Are you going to develop something? Do you have any geek questions?